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Great Eastern GE-52669 World Conquest Zvezda Plot: Asuta Jimon Plush, 10"

Great Eastern GE-52669 World Conquest Zvezda Plot: Asuta Jimon Plush, 10"

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A second-year middle school student who ran away from home. After running into Kate and getting caught in one of Zvezda's conquests, he became a member of Zvezda. A running gag is how people he meets pronounce his name wrong, calling him Jimon Asatte (meaning day after tomorrow) or Jimon Shiasatte (meaning two days from tomorrow). Having no fighting power at all unlike his peers, Asuta becomes useful to Zvezda by his cooking skills; he nevertheless possess inexplicable skills at survival, often demonstrated by his repeated success at escaping with his life every time White Heron targets him. His Zvezda alter-ego, Dva, unintentionally won White Robin's heart after he saved her from being publicly humiliated by Zvezda. It is later revealed that he is the son of the governor of Tokyo.

Company: Great Eastern
SKU: GE-52669
Type: Plush
Approx. Size: 4.5"L x 4"W x 10"H