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Little Buddy Animal Crossing Rover Cat Plush, 8"

Little Buddy Animal Crossing Rover Cat Plush, 8"

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Rover is a special character in the Animal Crossing series. His job varies in each game, but his primary job is to set-up the playable character. Despite his name, which is usually connected with dogs, he is a cat, and is very friendly and hospitable towards the playable character and others. His name also originates from roaming, as he is a frequent traveler, traveling on a train in Animal Forest to Animal Forest e+, then onto a bus in City Folk, and then back onto the train in New Leaf.

Company: Little Buddy
SKU: 1359
Type: Plush
Approx. Size: 5.5"L x 3.5"W x 8"H
Case (Units): 72